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May 2014 News

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

May is here, and already a week old! The sun is warm, and at last life has awakened from winter's long slumber.  The array of color delights both eye and heart with a wondrous variety of green hues, blossoming trees, wild and cultivated. How many flowering shrubs, and a succession of bulbs decorate the recently thawed earth.  Grass is growing so high that mowing is scheduled! One of the special features of spring 2014 has been a flock of gold finches- coming 20 at a time to the bird feeder. Sister got a few good photos but not all she wanted. Part of May's agenda is cleaning up, removing 5 trees uprooted by the terrific wind storm of April 30th. A 20 foot wide space on our front lawn, created when a majestic Norwegian spruce was struck by lightning, will be the place for a guest parlor, now under construction. Our present parlor, is too close to the Chapel, whose silence is easily invaded.

The 2nd Sunday after Easter, and the following week, is devoted to the Myrrhbearers, the holy women who went to Jesus tomb "before the sun was up" to anoint His Body and instead were given the first news of the Resurrection by the Angel. These women disciples of Jesus were "faithful" in love. What Jesus asked was not always easy to accept.  Lazarus, the brother of Martha ad Mary died and Jesus waited a few days until he was dead because  his death was the necessary condition  for  restoring him to  life, which miracle  would impress the apostles (and Jesus hoped) and would strengthen their faith.[Jn 11:14-15] "Lazarus our friend is dead and I am glad for your sake that I was not there because now you will believe". Two men are included among the Myrrbearers- Joseph of Arimathaea who with Nicodemus, removed Jesus Body from the Cross, anointed it with spices, and placed it in Joseph's new tomb.

On May 8th the third foal for 2014 was born- a beautiful tiny black and very dainty filly. Her registered name is CMC Scouts Rowdy Baroness [Her mom is a Scout daughter and Rowdy is the sire.] Her "barn" name is Mayflower. 

At the moment we await Sophie, a spotted Baby-doll Southdown lamb. When another lamb a little white ewe, Thea,  arrives in June we will have a flock of 7.  In 2015, with God's blessing, we will  have baby-doll lambs for sale!

Mini bull Patrick was adopted by Zoë, our standard jersey cow when his mom Annie died. When Zoë watched Patrick board the trailer to a new home, tears welled-up and run down her face!  Now she has a little heifer, Dancer, same age as Patrick to be her calf, in need of washing and maternal attention.

Zoe & Dancer
May every blessing be yours- this is our prayer for our dear friends. We so grateful to God for you and pray for your each day.

                                        Mother Marija and Sisters