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"At your Baptism O Lord worship of the Trinity was revealed"

Today, the final day of this great feast [and quite by chance] coincided with a reading of St. Bernard's Sermo 71 in his commentary on the Song of Songs. It was most appropriate. St. Bernard went to great pains, a labor of elucidation of the mystery of the Trinity, and one gets an idea of what "news" this Baptism of our Lord really was, although not grasped at that moment by the soon-to-be apostles. In the Godhead the unity (Bernard was dealing with the mutual indwelling) is simply that the Divine Nature is shared by Each Person. As the saint  explains, and illustrates from New Testament quotations, especially St. Paul, with us all possibility of union with God is in the spirit and given to us. So this spiritual possibility, so to speak, was presaged, pledged, given at the Jordan on that particular day when Jesus of Nazareth appeared, was Baptized, owned by the Father as His Son. These mysteries may seem unrelated to everyday human humdrum lives, but are truly mysteries essential to being and living 
as followers of Jesus, as Christians. In 1978 we had our first January 6th in the Byzantine Rite. The Basilian Nuns had not yet published the several volumes of the Office now available, so we had Franciscan Fr Marion Kowala's literal but exciting translation of Theophany texts. Exciting seems a good word- because the enthusiasm of the soon-to-become apostles at discovering Jesus was evident.  The Gift of God, the birth of Jesus, the tenderness of Christmas recede, only to be superseded by a new arrival of Jesus, the manifestation of the Trinity and the announcement of the coming of the Kingdom.
Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Friends,
Sending you Myrrhbearing before Christmas has been our custom but in November 2013 our printer, Mother Marie Helen, was incapacitated,  a hip replacement. The pre-Christmas baking season was upon us - and "glory to God" and  "thanks be to friends" - and the Sisters, all was accomplished and the Holydays were wonderful.

The amazing increase of postage poses questions. The Bulk Rate is possible only with this proviso:  all returned mail being paid by us as First Class!  Many envelopes were returned! We had no choice but to pay $.46 for each- and it seemed (for sure) some had correct addresses. Our new plan: to keep the issue under 1 oz.; and  print once a year. Our next Myrrhbearing will be (God helping) for Christmas 2014. We will check and update our mailing list. The news news will be posted also here, on our website. 

General information can be sent via postcards- and even these are costly and must remain within the small dimension. But for personal messages, the letter is always a must! 
Mother Marija and Sisters
And we send our  heartfelt gratitude and prayers for

Blessings of Peace, Joy and Good Health

Holy Annunciation
This issue of Myrrhbearing is a quick way to reach many- and express our deep, deep gratitude for those who patronized and helped our Christmas (2013) Sale. Local Byzantine pastors and their parishioners were outstanding in spreading the news, assisting both ordering and the  deliveries.

All at St Mary's Scranton deserve a hearty "God reward you".  Christie Pettyof GCU  is another whose help  is most appreciated. We are making  Yolanda's Slavic Specials *( kolache nut, poppy-seed, prune and apricot rolls) available year-round. Phone 1-800-882-0028 or email giftfromthenuns@ptd.net for more information.

*Yolanda Dolinay(Archbishop Thomas' mother) gave us her kolache recipes; in appreciation  we name them for her. Eternal Memory