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Holy Annunciation Monastery

403 West County Road

Sugarloaf, PA 18249

Phone: 570-788-1205

Work, especially manual work, has always enjoyed special esteem in the monastic tradition since it gives the nuns the opportunity of sharing in the divine work of creation. It is also an imitation of Christ who worked with His own hands in Nazareth.

Those who “live by the labor of their hands, as did our Fathers and the Apostles” are the ones who live truly monastic way of life, says St. Benedict. We gladly accept the common law of work, share the condition of the poor and earn by toil the necessities of life.

“The prayer of the hours woven around the monastic day, allows the monk to reaffirm his loving choice very concretely several times a day. Whatever the exigencies of work, nothing is more important than the one work for which the monk has come to the monastery - the work of God. This is called not only because it is entirely devoted to God, but also and especially because God is Himself at work in the heart which is open to him.”

~ Andre Louf, OCSO ~

“In the Christian perspective work has redemptive value. The Book of Genesis tells us how God cursed the earth after the sin of our first parents, and how work was imposed on them so that the earth might bring forth the fruits which man needed in order to live. Thereafter all work shares in that suffering which has invaded the world after sin. At the same time work redeems the sin and helps build a new world. The monk/nun is happy to share in the lot of all men, and in this way to bring his own small contribution to the work of redemption, in solidarity with all.

~ Andre Louf, OCSO ~

As a means of self-support we operate a licensed bakery (since 1980) and since 2005 we breed miniature horses as well.